Our Mission

Surf The Wave is a ground-breaking programme created to provoke a change in how dance is toured in the UK. Through a series of events including a four-day showcasing opportunity, this project aims to create a wave of new thinking and initiate new opportunities for dance.

This is a significant moment for the development of dance. The UK is a melting pot of dance talent and we need to have the showcasing opportunities for artists to be able to demonstrate the incredible work they have to offer audiences in indoors, outdoors and festival programmes across the UK
— Zannah Doan, Chief Executive, Pavilion Dance South West

project aims

  • To bring about real change for the industry.

  • To provide a platform for artists, programmers and performers to speak to each other openly and honestly.

  • To hold up a mirror to the industry and ask provocative questions.

  • To deliver a showcasing event so that artists can demonstrate their work to programmers from all over the country.

  • To invite programmers from unexpected venues to experience the power of dance.

  • To create a legacy that supports artists and programmers to tour more work in the UK.