Showcase Legacy Support FAQs


Will the fund support presentation (performance) fees?

The purpose of the fund is not primarily to subsidise presentation fees however you may request support towards up to 50% of the presentation fee, where there is other audience or artist engagement work included in the bid. Applicants must demonstrate additional support from the venue(s) towards fees.

Will the fund support my venue to work with an artist that we have already presented/worked with?

No, this is about supporting new relationships and partnerships developed at the Showcase.

I am already programmed up to June 2020 so how can I programme new artists from the showcase as part of the legacy support?

Presentation itself can happen in the Autumn of 2020, as long as the Showcase Legacy funded engagement work happens before the deadline date of end June 2020.

Can two venues apply together? Consortium bids?

Yes. Consortium bids are encouraged as we believe collaboration strengthens relationship development and artist support. The maximum you can apply for is still £7,500.

Can I submit two applications?

You can be a named partner on two or more applications but can only be the lead applicant on one bid.

If I am successful will I be offered the full amount?

In some circumstances a different amount than has been requested may be offered- it may be a lower offer in order to deliver a portion of some of the activity proposed.

Can I programme another piece of work by a company whose work I was introduced to at the Showcase.

Yes, the relationship is with the artist/company, and can include work that is in repertoire as well as work that was presented at the Showcase.