Surf the Wave Showcase Legacy Support Guidelines


What is the aim of Surf The Wave Showcase Legacy Support?

To invest in practice and relationships that develop from the UK Dance Showcase.

To enable artists, producers and programmers to find new ways of working together and connecting work to audiences.

To support the touring potential of work shown at the UK Dance Showcase by engaging with audiences at a wider range of venues and locations.

To enable Programmer Delegates to engage further, and develop meaningful relationships with artists and work seen at the UK Dance Showcase.

Who can apply?

Programmers who attend the UK Dance Showcase as delegates can apply for Showcase Legacy Support

The application must be submitted by the Programmer to support further engagement and relationship development with artists who performed or pitched at the showcase.

Artists can approach Programmers to work on an application together but the Programmer/ Venue must submit the application.

Consortiums of Venues can apply for Legacy support to work with Artists / Companies who performed / pitched at the Showcase.

How much can they apply for?

Between £2,500 and £7,500.

It is likely that more projects will be funded at an average of £5000.

Can joint bids be entered?

Yes, consortium bids can be entered, but the maximum you can apply for is still £7,500.

Assessment criteria

Projects will be assessed based on how it responds to one or more of the following criteria:

  • How it relates to the aims of the support as outlined above.

  • How it develops and deepens the relationship between the Programmer(s)/Venue(s) and the Artist/Company.

  • How it supports the development of engagement programmes to involve local communities and nurture new audiences, aiming to increase numbers of shows and runs.

What can you not apply for:

Solely co-presentation fees. This fund is to support extending the relationship with between artist and venue, not just paying the fees for a show. Please see FAQ's for further information.

Artists cannot apply themselves. They will need to find a venue who will apply to work with them. Building on relationship development outcomes, it is our intention that this will encourage venues to be proactive partners in engaging with dance artists and companies to make the most of this and future opportunities. We encourage partnerships to take account of the financial implications of time commitment from independent artists (without core funding) when developing project plans and applications.

How to apply?

Prepare a (maximum) 5-minute video pitch, a 400-word description and a budget.

The video pitch should describe what you want to achieve or test, explain who is involved and how links were made through the Showcase. We would like the video to support the communication of your ideas and intentions. We will accept videos captured on your phone, computer or any other means accessible to you.

The 400-word description should state who the partners are, give a timeline, provide two or three aims and outcomes.

The budget should be detailed on the form provided.

Please upload the link to Vimeo with a password and send link, password and documents to

Access needs

Please let us know if you would like these guidelines in a different format or if you would like to apply with a different format due to access needs.

When does the funding run from and to?

Applications open on Monday 20 May and close on Thursday 25 July at 5pm. Applicants will be notified on 23 August.

85% of awarded fund will be paid after notification of successful application. The final 15% will be paid on receipt of completed project report.

Can the Surf Generator Seed Support be used as match funding for Arts Council England/Arts Council Wales Project Grants?

Yes, it can be used as matched funding for a Project Grant application but the applicant will need to raise at least 10% from other sources of income on top of any Surf the Wave money.

Reporting process

Once the project has been funded, we will request regular brief updates on progress. Funded projects need to be completed by the end of June 2020. You will need to submit an interim report by the end of March 2020 and a final report by the end of July 2020.

Please note information about the Showcase Legacy supported projects will be made available online, along with the brief updates and the final report.