Matt Adicott

Surf Generator Seed Support: Saffy Setohy

Surf Generator Seed Support: Saffy Setohy

Surf the Wave have offered Saffy Setohy with Matt Adicott (Platform Arts Centre) £3,000 Seed Support to invest in Bodies of Water.

Bodies of Water is a collaborative work being developed in rural touring contexts by Saffy SetohyJoanna Young, Aya Kobayashi, and Nicolette Macleod. It will be a multi-sensory performance and participatory installation, drawing together various ideas about water, the element which connects all living things. 

The seed support will enable us to develop the work in a new, urban context and nature reserve, partnering with Platform in Easterhouse, the nearby Seven Lochs Wetlands park, and local communities. We will facilitate people to explore their relationship to water and their local urban environment. This will happen through participatory events leading up to and informing a version of the performance, specially made for this place. Main areas of research will be around relationships between artists, context, audience and promoter, and the tensions and possibilities between touring and place-related making. 

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