Horniman Museum

Surf Generator Seed Support: Theo Clinkard

Surf Generator Seed Support: Theo Clinkard

Surf the Wave are offering Theo Clinkard & Company £3,160 Seed Support to invest in collaboration between Theo Clinkard & Company and Horniman Museum & Gardens. 

Theo Clinkard and Horniman Museum & Gardens found synergy around Theo’s new company work in development, THE CENTURY PROJECT, a hopeful project that spans a century, celebrating dancers and their practices and culminating in a final performance beyond our lifetimes.

As part of an R&D phase, this collaboration will challenge and inform the project concept and how it might live beyond dance spaces. 

With shared interests in history and the future, alongside Horniman’s expertise in archiving, anthropology, the natural world, and musical instruments, this partnership will exchange ideas, share findings with Horniman’s community and each broker new partnerships for the other.