Seed Support

Surf Generator Seed Support: Artists 4 Artists

Surf Generator Seed Support: Artists 4 Artists

Surf the Wave are offering Artists 4 Artists in partnership with Strike A Light £4,000 Seed Support to invest in curating a Hip Hop triple bill at the Gloucester Guildhall.

Artists 4 Artists, the UK’s first artist led initiative working to up skill Hip Hop theatre makers in the UK, will partner with Gloucester based organisation Strike A Light to curate a Hip Hop triple bill at the Gloucester Guildhall in Spring 2020.

Alongside a presentation of work from 3 breakthrough Hip Hop artists, Artists 4 Artists will also scope the wider Gloucester network and landscape to understand what Artists 4 Artists could offer in the near future and what they could solidify in access to Hip Hop dance theatre provision. 

Surf Generator Seed Support: Theo Clinkard

Surf Generator Seed Support: Theo Clinkard

Surf the Wave are offering Theo Clinkard & Company £3,160 Seed Support to invest in collaboration between Theo Clinkard & Company and Horniman Museum & Gardens. 

Theo Clinkard and Horniman Museum & Gardens found synergy around Theo’s new company work in development, THE CENTURY PROJECT, a hopeful project that spans a century, celebrating dancers and their practices and culminating in a final performance beyond our lifetimes.

As part of an R&D phase, this collaboration will challenge and inform the project concept and how it might live beyond dance spaces. 

With shared interests in history and the future, alongside Horniman’s expertise in archiving, anthropology, the natural world, and musical instruments, this partnership will exchange ideas, share findings with Horniman’s community and each broker new partnerships for the other.

Surf Generator Seed Support: Casson and Friends with Crewe Lyceum

Surf Generator Seed Support: Casson and Friends with Crewe Lyceum

Surf the Wave have offered Casson and Friends in collaboration with Crewe Lyceum £3,275 Seed Support to research & develop their new production ‘Preppers’, investigating survival and preparedness in the UK.

The new relationship will specifically engage with local communities in Cheshire East, initiating conversations around the themes of the work, and bringing people into the creative process, to build audiences for and appreciation of dance in the area.

We will also be consulting with wider local and national partners including Hack Green Nuclear Bunker and Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, to ensure that the developing work is suitable for touring to a variety of contexts including theatre, rural & unusual spaces.

Surf Generator Seed Support: Groundwork

Surf Generator Seed Support: Groundwork

Surf the Wave have offered Groundwork Pro £5,000 Seed Support to invest in building a model for sustained and mutual artist/venue support across Wales.  

Syrffio Cymru - Building a model for sustained and mutual Artist/Venue support across Wales

To facilitate conversations between Groundwork, a network of venues and independent dance artists. For all parties to engage creatively in ways to build relationships and support the growth of dance production and touring across a challenging, disjointed, under resourced and shifting landscape.

- Groundwork to have creative conversations with 7 venues/promoters across Wales
- Groundwork to host 2 creative conversations with artists (paid)
- Immediate response support to needs and ambitions identified
- Development and resourcing of a long term model

Surf Generator Seed Support: Saffy Setohy

Surf Generator Seed Support: Saffy Setohy

Surf the Wave have offered Saffy Setohy with Matt Adicott (Platform Arts Centre) £3,000 Seed Support to invest in Bodies of Water.

Bodies of Water is a collaborative work being developed in rural touring contexts by Saffy SetohyJoanna Young, Aya Kobayashi, and Nicolette Macleod. It will be a multi-sensory performance and participatory installation, drawing together various ideas about water, the element which connects all living things. 

The seed support will enable us to develop the work in a new, urban context and nature reserve, partnering with Platform in Easterhouse, the nearby Seven Lochs Wetlands park, and local communities. We will facilitate people to explore their relationship to water and their local urban environment. This will happen through participatory events leading up to and informing a version of the performance, specially made for this place. Main areas of research will be around relationships between artists, context, audience and promoter, and the tensions and possibilities between touring and place-related making. 

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Surf Generator Seed Support: Stephenson Railway Museum with Katie Green and Tim Casson

Surf Generator Seed Support: Stephenson Railway Museum with Katie Green and Tim Casson

Surf The Wave have offered Stephenson Railway Museum £2,970 to support their project with Katie Green and Tim Casson.

Making Tracks: Killingworth Billy and the Wooden Waggonway project.

Working with dancer producers Katie Green and Tim Casson, we are using dance to test ways of drawing out what children find most interesting and memorable about the collection at the Stephenson Railway Museum in North Tyneside. We will begin to build a repertoire of movement ideas, of strategies and approaches that the museum learning team could use in the future.

We are working with the museum volunteers, the community local to the site, as well as local school children and their families.

Surf Generator Seed Support: Impermanence

Surf Generator Seed Support: Impermanence

Surf The Wave have awarded Impermanence £3,000 Seed Support to invest in presenting Northern Artists at Impermanence Presents at Bristol Old Vic. 

Bristol-based Impermanence has teamed up with partners in the North of England to broaden the reach of a valuable new performance opportunity. Impermanence Presents...  is a season of monthly, curated dance events at Bristol Old Vic’s newly opened Weston Studio. Seed funding enables Impermanence to work with partners to identify bold new work that might best feed their curatorial vision, and to offer artists a unique opportunity to perform in Bristol. The company hope to forge new links between regions, within which lie opportunities for sharing, dialogue, collaboration and exchange.    

Surf Generator Seed Support: Shane Shambhu

Surf Generator Seed Support: Shane Shambhu

Surf The Wave have awarded Shane Shambhu (ALTERED SKIN) with partner DanceXchange, £3,150 Seed Support to invest in ‘Building a Culturally Diverse Audience base in Birmingham’

Working in partnership between ALTERED SKIN and DanceXchange, Shane Shambhu, Creative Director of ALTERED SKIN, will be working closely and gathering information from South-Asian communities in Birmingham to identify and build forward pathways to develop a stronger presence of South Asian audiences. By sharing and developing work with these communities will provide a deeper understanding of their needs as potential audiences. The knowledge gained from the South-Asian community interactions will inform DanceXchange’s communications, marketing and programming strategy to connect with and increase their South Asian audience base (particularly for Birmingham International Dance Festival), simultaneously supporting audience development for Altered Skin.

Surf Generator Seed Support: Seeta Patel

Surf Generator Seed Support: Seeta Patel

Surf The Wave are offering Seeta Patel £2,500 Seed Support to explore a model of sustainability in her practice that may be of wider benefit to the sector, working with partners The Mill at Banbury and South East Dance.

Working with The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury and a South East Dance in Brighton, Seeta Patel will research more sustainable models for artists. The artists sustainability model will be developed via desk based research, interviews with artists, and face to face meetings with partner organisations etc. It will result in a written project proposal/presentation for key stakeholders i.e. venues, funders etc. in an attempt to radically change the relationship between venues, artists and audiences.  

Surf Generator Seed Support: Kapow and Spin Arts

Kapow and Spin Arts - Climb the City

Surf The Wave have awarded Kapow and Spin Arts £3,500 in Surf Generator Seed Support for Climb the City.

Kapow - Dance Circus Theatre will be partnering with Spin Arts to host 10 conversations with partners, advisers and community figures. These meetings will revolve around re-staging our existing street show The Boulderers into Climb The City, a show tailor made for an indoor climbing centre context. We are interested in getting as many young people as possible into climbing centres to both watch the show and participate in climbing and creative workshops. These meetings will help us redevelop the piece in a well informed and well researched way - understanding the needs of all partners and participants before the creative work takes place.

Surf Generator Seed Support: Jane Mason & Tim Smithies

Jane Mason & Tim Smithies

Surf The Wave are supporting Jane Mason with partner Tim Smithies - Carn to Cove and Villages in Action - with £3,500 in Seed Support to invest in testing new relationships and models for presenting dance in rural touring venues.

Jane is working in partnership with Tim Smithies, director of Carn to Cove, to explore placing her dance work Night Flying (in collaboration with David Williams) in a rural touring context.

Tim and Jane met at the Surf The Wave intensive in Bristol in 2018. Tim then came to see Night Flying live, and they developed an email conversation around the potential challenges and rewards of presenting experimental dance work in rural contexts.

The £3,500 seed fund enables Jane to: pitch her work to rural programmers through C2C contacts, creatively adapt it for rural spaces, build new relationships with rural touring programmers, support a mini rural tour (as part of wider touring) and informs understanding around potential new audiences for her work.

Surf Generator Seed Support: Ieva Kuniskis

Ieva Kuniskis - Breakfast

Surf the Wave have supported Ieva Kuniskis with partners Kala Sangam and The Mill Arts Centre with  £4,018 Seed Support to invest in piloting an engagement and audience development project in tandem with the creation of 'Breakfast', a new touring show.

Working alongside Kala Sangam (Bradford) and The Mill Arts Centre (Banbury) Ieva Kuniskis will pilot an engagement and audience development project to run in tandem with the creation of ‘Breakfast’, a new production for touring in 2020. "Breakfast" draws on real life experiences of families dealing with a degenerative / life limiting illness. Gathering first-hand personal accounts Ieva will explore how we might behave, how the relationships and dynamics in the family shift in the face of something so life affecting. STW Seed Support allows Ieva to reach out to new communities in Banbury and Bradford, test bespoke engagement activities and explore how to sustain participant engagement over time with the hope of them becoming audience for “Breakfast” in 2020.  

Surf Generator Seed Support: ATMA Dance Spy Monkey Project

ATMA Dance Spy Monkey Project

ATMA Dance were award £4,000 to invest in establishing a family dance programming consortium through Spy Monkey.

Spy Monkey reimagines a classic Indian tale from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. Co-commissioned by GemArts, ATMA Dance’s new work is aimed for family audiences and school groups. It will be performed by Bharatanatyam and hip hop dancers. 

The company's Seed Generator funding will support performances of Spy Monkey in partnership with a pilot-consortium of four South East venues: Norden Farm Arts, Maidenhead; South Hill Park, Bracknell; Corn Exchange, Newbury and Mill Arts Centre, Banbury. Joint objectives for this artist-promoter initiative include establishing a model of good collaborative, communication and marketing practices as identified during the Surf The Wave residency. 

Surf Generator Seed Support: June Gamble

Surf Generator Seed Support: June Gamble

June Gamble was awarded £2,750 to provide business coaching to 11 Artist as Entrepreneur delegates. Here’s some more information about what she’ll be delivering.


June Gamble, freelance Dance Development Consultant, will provide 1:1 Business Coaching to support 11 delegates from the Surf the Wave Artist as Entrepreneur Intensives (dance artists, choreographers, producers, programmers and presenters). Each of the 11 will receive 2 Phone/Skype Business Coaching sessions during 2019, that will focus on the 4 Surf The Wave key themes of Concept, Quality, Communication and Sustainability, more specifically:

  •  How they develop programmes of work as an Artist/Producer or Programmer/Presenter

  •  How they develop relationships as an Artist/Producer with Programmers/Presenters OR as a Programme/Presenter with Artists/Producers

  •  How they develop relationships with potential audiences for dance as an Artist/Producer or Programmer/Presenter