The Mill Arts Centre

Surf Generator Seed Support: Seeta Patel


Surf The Wave are offering Seeta Patel £2,500 Seed Support to explore a model of sustainability in her practice that may be of wider benefit to the sector, working with partners The Mill at Banbury and South East Dance.

Working with The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury and a South East Dance in Brighton, Seeta Patel will research more sustainable models for artists. The artists sustainability model will be developed via desk based research, interviews with artists, and face to face meetings with partner organisations etc. It will result in a written project proposal/presentation for key stakeholders i.e. venues, funders etc. in an attempt to radically change the relationship between venues, artists and audiences.  

Surf Generator Seed Support: Ieva Kuniskis


Surf the Wave have supported Ieva Kuniskis with partners Kala Sangam and The Mill Arts Centre with  £4,018 Seed Support to invest in piloting an engagement and audience development project in tandem with the creation of 'Breakfast', a new touring show.

Working alongside Kala Sangam (Bradford) and The Mill Arts Centre (Banbury) Ieva Kuniskis will pilot an engagement and audience development project to run in tandem with the creation of ‘Breakfast’, a new production for touring in 2020. "Breakfast" draws on real life experiences of families dealing with a degenerative / life limiting illness. Gathering first-hand personal accounts Ieva will explore how we might behave, how the relationships and dynamics in the family shift in the face of something so life affecting. STW Seed Support allows Ieva to reach out to new communities in Banbury and Bradford, test bespoke engagement activities and explore how to sustain participant engagement over time with the hope of them becoming audience for “Breakfast” in 2020.