Sarah P. Maguire

Surf Generator Seed Support: Sarah P. Maguire

Surf Generator seed support: Sarah P. Maguire

Mental Health First Aid Kit for Touring

Surf The Wave are offering Sarah P. Maguire £1,500 Seed Support to research a 'Mental Health First Aid Kit for Touring' with reference to the sustainability of our artistic community and touring infrastructure.

Both Surf The Wave and Dance From England have given space for several existential questions around concepts of well-being in our touring sector to rise; it is clear that addressing mental health support for touring artists/companies is a major headline on the road in venue and festival contexts. Notions of care, precariousness, burn-out, peripatetic working, etc. are all floating around the vulnerability that many companies feel.

As part of this work, supported by Surf The Wave, Sarah will:

·      Review and map current resources for performing arts practitioners

·      Attend a Mental Health First Aid Kit training day

·      Establish set of UK and international partnerships to feed into the process; it is vital that there is an international aspect and partners from different geographical and cultural contexts - it is clear that touring in different countries brings whole new considerations around mental health and well-being on the road

·      Develop a relationship with a Mental Health practice to partner on the process

·      Meet with arts-focused mental health practitioners

·      Generate a targeted survey for artists and venues regarding practices of well-being and existing/desired mental health support which will feed into the next stage (a mapping exercise).