Messaging in Marketing - How It Made A Difference

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Messaging in Marketing - How It Made A Difference


Vicki Igbokwe is the creative director, choreographer and founder of Uchenna Dance.

When Vicki Igbokwe, Creative Director of Uchenna Dance, needed PR and marketing support for the company’s upcoming touring of The Head Wrap Diaries and Our Mighty Groove she contacted PR and marketing specialist Carol Ann Walters.

Carol Ann’s first task was to tackle the company’s messaging.

The idea was to deliver "consistent, ongoing relevant information" so that people could cut through the jargon whether they were a dance specific audience or not.

We wanted to reach a wider non-dance audience

We’re great at what we do but we weren’t always great at communicating it.

We were trying to say everything, all at the same time, and sometimes the same thing, but in loads of different ways! Working with Carol taught us to be consistent in our messaging so that everything we say adds up and contributes to the overarching idea of what we want to convey i.e. that we are a dance company, that this is what we do, this is how we’re different, this is how we do it, these are our shows, etc.

You must work out who you are, what you stand for, why you do what you do, and who for

Our strapline is ‘empowering, entertaining and educating through dance’. It’s everything we do, all in one line. From there we can break it down further. Empowering, here’s how we empower (through our mentoring, support and coaching programmes), these are the things we do (workshops and teaching), and so on.

‘Just Do It’ is one of the simplest, most recognisable slogans of all time – a line Nike has used for the past 20 years.

We want ‘Uchenna’ to be recognised for all things dance and leadership on a global scale. Watch this space!

*Uchenna is currently touring two productions, The Head Wrap Diaries and Hansel & Gretel – A fearless dance adventure. In 2019 the company will celebrate its 10th successful year. For more information, visit