Surf The Wave Intensives

Surf The Wave Intensives (also known as Artist as Entrepreneur Intensives) are a series of events designed to connect artists and programmers, and give them the space to have open and honest conversations about touring dance in the UK. Taking place all over the country, Artist as Entrepreneur Intensives aim to reach across and beyond the creative industries for inspiration and discussion, and focus on four key themes:

  • Concept

  • Quality

  • Communication

  • Sustainability

Documenting Surf The Wave Intensives

We are working on a summary document that describes the outcomes of all of the intensives. In the mean time, if you would like to read the raw unedited documentation that has come out of the intensives so far, you can do so by downloading this document: Surf The Wave Intensives Documentation

If you have any feedback on the documentation or how you would like it presented in future, please contact Rosalind Conlon at