Surf The Wave Go See Bursaries


To support conversations and relationship development between those who make dance and those who present and programme dance, in order for more dance to be shown and seen in all contexts. For UK based performing artists, venues and programmers.


Applicants can request up to £200 to support travel or accommodation expenses, time and/or tickets.

Initially this support was intended to enable programmers to see more dance. However, from feedback at the Surf The Wave Intensives, we realise there is a huge value in artists visiting venues also, but that this is under-resourced. So, we are opening up the Go See Bursary for the following:

  • Artists to visit and meet with a programmer to develop relationships

  • Programmers/venues to go and see a show(s)

  • Programmers/venues to visit an artist’s sharing or R and D process

These bursaries are intended to support specific meetings, with named attendees, and detailed shows, so please provide as many details as possible. The Go See bursaries are not available for attending conferences, or general meetings. The Go See bursaries aim to support relationships between artists/producers and programmers and for programmers to see a wider variety of work.

Roughly eight bursaries will be given each month for the following 4 months- October, November 2019, January, February 2020. Priority will be given to artists, programmers and venues who attended the Surf The Wave Intensives or the UK Dance Showcase but other artists and programmers can apply (Artists must be professionally touring publicly funded performance work). Geographic spread and diversity of artists and venues engaged will be considered in awarding.


To request a Surf The Wave Go See Bursary please complete the google form here:

If awarded a bursary, activity needs to happen within 3 months and you will be asked to provide a short report on how the trip went and what outcomes you have had or anticipate. Brief details on awards given and resulting outcomes will be shared publicly to disseminate learning. Please let us know if there is a reason for us not to share these details on application.

Applicants can only apply for one bursary per round.

Deadlines: October 22, November 22, 2019, January 22, February 21, 2020


The capacity for the proposed activity to support the purpose of the fund.