Duwane Taylor
Conform to Rebel

Photo: Simon Adrians - Tangle Photography

Photo: Simon Adrians - Tangle Photography


Rebellion is rejection; conformity is acceptance. If it were a matter of life or death, to be an individual or become part of the crowd – what choice would you make?

This mixed bill features performances from Duwane Taylor’s renowned krump crew Buckness Personified, alongside work with emerging dance artists from the local area and his latest piece Conform to Rebel, Rebel to Conform.

Exploring themes of social isolation, resisting authority and cultural uprisings, Conform to Rebel blends krump, contemporary and hip hop dance through Duwane Taylor’s trademark thought-provoking and innovative choreography.

“Conform To Rebel demonstrates that Taylor can create and integrate the use of Krump and other Hip Hop dance forms into a powerful and resonant work” Ian Abbott, writingaboutdance.com