Artists & Companies

Here you can find out about all of the incredible artists and companies who will be performing or pitching at the UK Dance Showcase.


Agudo Dance Company - Silk Road

In collaboration with the renowned classical Indian dancer Mavin Khoo, Jose Agudo weaves his Flamenco roots with a unique, contemporary style in this universal and personal story of East meets West.


Alesandra Seutin | Vocab Dance - Giant

Alesandra Seutin present Giant a dance & installation - An urban legend deeply inspired by the realism of Rwanda, a small country with a tragic story and how we may have played a role in it.


Alexander Whitley Dance Company - Strange Stranger & Overflow

Alexander Whitley pitches his new series of works exploring ideas related to technology and big data, made in collaboration with Dutch artists, Children of the Light and creative technologists, Studio FENYCE.


ALTERED SKIN / Shane Shambhu - Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer

Shane Shambhu is a compelling performer, who reveals his life story growing up in East Ham with a dream to be a professional Indian dancer in Britain.


Amy Bell - The Forecast

What’s it going to be like? It’s going to be epic. A dream-like solo, with opposing fronts sweeping across the shifting landscape of the gendered body. Later, a high chance of virtuosity, introspection, humour and tender becomings.


Anjali Dance Company - Beethoven

Gary Clarke’s Beethoven takes a touching and darkly humorous look at the extraordinary personal life and musical works of Ludwig van Beethoven.



Inspired by the notion of transhumanism, rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and evolution of our species, we invite audience to the surreal structure with live performance, Spatial Sound, AI and Holographic projection.


Candoco Dance Company - Face In

Candoco Dance Company created a sensation last year when its contemporary dancers performed to over 10 million people on Strictly Come Dancing. This renowned company of disabled and non-disabled dancers continues to deliver profound, boundary-pushing experiences through its latest work, Face In by Yasmeen Godder


Caravan Social Night

CARAVAN Social Night is an immersive evening of creative collaboration between live musicians (jazz, blues, soul, hip hop, r&b) and Street dance artists from local and international communities.


Company Chameleon - Amaranthine

Gripping and raw, Company Chameleon’s Amaranthine is a highly physical and fast paced male and female duet, which tells the story of two people who are deeply in love, and in conflict.


Curious Seed - Teenage Trilogy

Exploring the heady and challenging time of transition that we all must go through, Teenage Trilogy is captivating dance theatre in three dynamic parts: art exhibition, live performance and silent disco.


Duwane Taylor - Conform to Rebel

Rebellion is rejection; conformity is acceptance. If it were a matter of life or death, to be an individual or become part of the crowd – what choice would you make?


Flexer & Sandiland - Curiouser

Yael Flexer and Nic Sandiland will be showing a short extract and film footage alongside a short presentation about Flexer & Sandiland company’s recent and current touring productions and digital works including their new family work Curiouser.


Gracefool Collective - This is not a wedding

Expect to laugh, cry and sing along to the classics whilst four bridal-clad women attempt to entertain, delight and maintain their dignity in a desperate last ditch effort to work out what the hell it all means.


Humanhood - Torus

After the success of duet ZERO, Humanhood brings for the first time unto the stage: Torus, a production for five exceptional dancers that morph into stunning live breathing compositions.


Janine Harrington - Screensaver Series

Screensaver Series is a multi-format performance and research project of modular elements for different contexts. The live kaleidoscopic installation is comprised of sound coding by musician Jamie Forth and dance performance by Vanessa Abreu, Stephanie McMann, Louise Tanoto, Elisa Vassena and Janine Harrington.


Jo Fong - Ways of Being Together

Jo Fong has been developing her practice and has been working with everyone; actors, dancers, Pilates teachers, clowns, singers, musicians, a 4 year old boy, her neighbours, and the man who works for the water board…


Joseph Toonga / Just Us Dance Theatre - Born to Manifest

Born to Manifest is a new hip hop dance double bill that looks into the experiences of young black British men. A ringing of home truths that hopes to share a glimpse into the complexity and beauty of one’s journey.


Joss Arnott Dance - PULSE!

Joss Arnott Dance present PULSE!, a brand-new dance and live music experience created for the streets. Performed entirely around a uniquely designed, 3.5m high percussion wheel, this adrenaline-fuelled dance and live music production is a combination of rhythmical flare and heart-in-mouth choreography for all the family to enjoy.


Kaleider - Our Dancing Shadows

Our Dancing Shadows uses the latest VR technology to enable people to collaborate in the same virtual world at once, untethered and outside.


Keira Martin - Good Blood

Good Blood is a work in progress production that looks closely at the relationship of two sisters. Entertaining and familiar scenarios are refreshed and brought into focus to shed new light on family ties; the bonds that hold us together and the people that make us.


Lanre Malaolu - Elephant in the Room

Fusing physical theatre, hip hop dance and spoken word, Elephant in The Room is an explosive solo that explores the mental health crisis and the phenomenon of toxic masculinity.


Light, Ladd & Emberton - Owain Glyndŵr Silent Disco

One legend. Headphones. Now dance.

Owain Glyndŵr, the legendary rebel Prince of Wales, has disappeared without a trace. Discover his destiny on the dancefloor.


Lîla Dance - The Hotel Experience

A man checks into a hotel the night before his wedding unaware that things may not be as they seem…


Liz Aggiss - Crone Alone

Liz Aggiss is developing a new solo called Crone Alone: a layered, unapologetic feminist solo that dissects the historical medical precedents, associated with female hysteria.


Luca Silvestrini’s Protein - The Little Prince

Based on the world-famous story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince is brought to life using Protein’s award winning mix of dance, humour and spoken word.


Mickael Marso Riviere - T-Break

T-Break is an outdoor 20-minute promenade, site-specific dance performance for adult and family audiences featuring live music.


Mischief Company - RED

Inspired by the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Mischief Company rips the story apart and stitches it back together to create a twisted nightmarish underbelly of a world where all is not as it seems.


Myself UK Dance Company - RED

Fuelled with explosive energy, female fire and unique movement, the company embody, generation after generation of female strength, struggle and support.


New Art Club - Cupid’s Revenge

The latest Dance Theatre Comedy show by ground breaking performance company, New Art Club, is about love…


Robbie Synge & Lucy Boyes - Ensemble

Ensemble is a joyous expression of togetherness and casts light on the scarcity of older artists on the professional contemporary dance stage.


Scottish Dance Theatre - RITUALIA

RITUALIA, by Berlin-based Scottish choreographer Colette Sadler, re-imagines Igor Stravinsky’s Les Noces, which originally premiered in Paris in 1923. Sadler’s interpretation transforms the gender thematics of the original ballet by introducing the idea of androgyny as its point of departure.


Second Hand Dance - Touch

Researched in nursery settings with children aged 0-3 through open-play workshops Touch reaffirms the power of physical contact in the digital age.


Seeta Patel - Rite of Spring

Award winning Choreographer, Seeta Patel reimagines this infamous ballet in the powerful classical Indian dance style Bharatanatyam.


Southpaw Dance Company - Speakeasy

Speakeasy is a reinterpretation of the classic tale of Faust, where Faust enters a seemingly normal prohibition era bar, unaware that the bar is owned by the devil and populated by his demons, including the charismatic barman, Mephistopheles.


Still House - Session

In this explosive outdoor gathering, Bristol’s Still House join forces with Tottenham’s Steppaz Performing Arts Academy and North London’s Afrobeats powerhouse Empire Sounds to create an exhilarating night of dance and live music where everyone is welcome.

Thick and Tight 37 HiRes.jpg

Thick & Tight - The Princess and the Showgirl

The Princess & The Showgirl imagines a meeting between Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana. Dogged by fame and beauty, these troubled icons are bound together by their mysterious deaths and find solace in one another.


Tom Dale Company - SURGE featuring Jemima Brown

SURGE builds on choreographer Tom Dale’s ongoing fascination with the organic world’s relationship to the digital world. A world where the distinction between the artificial and the real is uncertain.


TRIBE// - Still I Rise

TRIBE//s debut work Still I Rise is a call to arms, a defiant and uplifting work danced by an all female cast. Debut work from bold new choreographer Victoria Fox, TRIBE// is quickly gaining a reputation for its gutsy emotive and visceral movement style and striking visual aesthetic.


Uchenna Dance - Hansel & Gretel

Our two young heroes find themselves lost in London, overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells. Together the brave duo must outwit the adults to find their way back to their family in a show where kids are number one! 


Umanoove / Didy Veldman - The Room

Addressing the effect of social globalisation on our emotional state and being, research for The Room draws on Didy’s experience working away from home and family and touches on feelings of loneliness and alienation.


Vanessa Grasse - MESH

MESH invites audiences and passers-by to join in the making of a public ritual of togetherness in different spaces.


ZoieLogic Dance Theatre - SLEUTH

Step into a world of intrigue and adventure, where you the audience must question everything, and decide which clues are followed to unravel the truth behind the crime.