Anjali Dance Company

Photo: Judie Waldmann

Photo: Judie Waldmann


Gary Clarke’s Beethoven takes a touching and darkly humorous look at the extraordinary personal life and musical works of Ludwig van Beethoven.

An exceptional group of six dancers perform this dramatic exploration of genius, an inspirational performance of extraordinary talent and creative power. 

Beethoven is one half of Genius, a stunning and entertaining double bill of dance theatre also featuring Lea Anderson’s Bloodsucker.

“Utterly outstanding! So beautiful and moving and very high quality.” Audience member

“A feast for the eyes, ears, heart and mind, I felt genuinely transported into the story by the performers and loved every minute of it.” Dance Culture North East

“Bold, ambitious, technically and visually stunning…one of the most exciting dance performances I saw in 2017.”  Michaela Butter, Director, Attenborough Arts Centre